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It is without a doubt that the pandemic has left everyone in despair. Businesses are trying hard to stay alive in the market. But things are turning more difficult for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). More so, restaurants are having a tough time because they had to close the dine-in option following the government guidelines on social distancing.

People are using online apps to order their food as it is much easier to find various options in a single place with a more convenient approach; one reason why foodies prefer these apps. Many apps are facilitating delivery services for restaurants for their orders; the most prominent names are Uber Eats, Grubhub, and other small apps like DoorDash, Seamless, and caviar.

But it isn’t that simple. Are these applications helping the restaurant owners in coping up with the current disastrous situation for everyone, and small businesses in particular? Restaurants owners think otherwise.

Recently, the owner of Pitas and Sticks, which is in Brooklyn, New York, gave a personal and unique touch to his protest against delivery services for restaurants. John Stamos attached small notes to each order to express his concerning views against delivery apps.

What Concerns These Owners Have?

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Delivery apps are charging too much commission that puts restaurants in trouble. Stamos, who runs Pitas and Sticks, added a note to each parcel, which says that he has a small business, and he needs the support of his customers in these difficult times.

He further added that delivery apps like Grubhub have been charging way too much commission that has been negatively affecting his business. Stamos requested customers to make a direct order from the restaurant. He said that he’d printed thousands of short notes, and he’s been adding them to orders.

John Stamos is not the only owner who is thinking in this way. Many have joined in this Guerrilla campaign to stimulate direct buying by customers. These protestors claim that the current situation has already squeezed their business, and the extra commission by these apps is making things even worse. Demonstrators ask customers to ditch the app and order directly.

Similarly, the owner of a burger joint that runs with the name Bareburger has added a sign in front of his restaurant to persuade passersby to make direct orders from the restaurant. It said, “Support your local restaurants & order directly with them.”

Besides, delivery services for restaurants have also capped the commission in their receipts despite the appeals to be more transparent about the hidden charges, claimed protestors. Responding to that, the spoke person of Uber Eats and Grubhub said that they are strictly against caps. Both delivery apps didn’t comment on other demands of restaurant owners.

Customers’ Response to Restaurants’ Call for Help

John Stamos of Pitas and Sticks is receiving a positive response from his customers. Many of his customers said they were unaware of extra commission and charges by the Grubhub. It delivers about 90% of John Stamos restaurant orders. He said that customers don’t have any problem with direct orders, and many have said that they weren’t informed about the challenging situation faced by the restaurant owners.

The movement is gaining momentum, and more owners like John are appealing to their customers to order directly. It’s resulting in an overwhelming response, and the restaurant owners are now planning to start their delivery service to avoid any additional charges.

Some Restaurants Partially Support Delivery Services

Surprisingly, some restaurant owners are supporting Grubhub. Nora Sarkissian, who is the Co-owner of Aslan Catering, defended Grubhub, saying that she had plans to skip the apps, but she realized that the services provided by these apps couldn’t be replaced. She said that people are spending more time online, and it’s feasible for them to order online as it’s a hassle-free way.

But Sarkissian, too, has concerns with delivery apps as they are taking one-third of the total revenue of the restaurants.  According to her, restaurant owners are trying hard to stay above the water.

As the pandemic has already destroyed many businesses, delivery services for restaurants are proving to be the final nail in the coffin, according to small restaurant owners. They plan to start their delivery service to ensure on-time delivery while reducing the extra cost.


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