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A Jordan-based publication, The Muslim 500, has declared the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, as ‘Man of the Year’ in its new 2020 issue. The editor of the publication admires his cricket achievements and applauds his efforts to bring lasting peace with India. According to The Muslim 500, Imran Khan is the 16th most influential Muslim in the world. He has been declared ‘Man of the Year’ for his irrefutable accomplishments, including fighting corruption, curbing money-laundering, and more.

Today we consider the main reasons why Imran Khan was declared Man of the Year. Let’s get to it.

Cricket Star

Imran Khan - World Cup 1992
Credit: Getty Images

Before the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan was famous all over the world as a cricket celebrity. He played professionally for 22 years and continuously showed unique leadership abilities and led Pakistan to victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Building a Cancer Hospital & a University

He established a cancer hospital from generous funds from donors all over Pakistan and the world, which helps to provide free treatment to 75% of its patients. He got the inspiration after his mother, who died from cancer in 1985.  In this way, he turned grief into action. The hospital is also dedicated to research.

More so, Imran Khan is also the founder of Namal University, which provides scholarships to a vast majority of its students.

Efforts for Peace with India

Imran Khan UN Speech
Imran Khan UN Speech – Credit: The National

Imran Khan took the initiative for promoting peaceful relations with Pakistan’s neighbor, India, the moment he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He invited India’s PM, Modi, for peace talks and negotiations, although India’s refusal was disappointing news for Imran Khan.

He clearly stated that the only solution to Pakistan and India’s chaotic relationship is the prevention of war and the promotion of diplomacy. The publication appreciates his actions by stating his diligent efforts for normalizing peace, which was unfortunately refuted by Modi. In his first broadcast as Prime Minister, Imran Khan said that he wanted everlasting freedom from the dispute with India.

In an emotional speech at the UN in 2019, he raised the issue of Kashmir and castigated his Indian counterpart. He urged the members to take action and help solve the Kashmir problem. Imran Khan’s US speech thus gave the oppressed Kashmiris a voice and a chance to be heard.

Fighting Corruption

Imran Khan formed his political party to struggle for justice and fight corruption. His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, more commonly known as PTI came in power in 2018 to free Pakistan from the corrupt mafia.

The Muslim 500 applauds his efforts against corruption, and it is one of the reasons he made it to the most influential Muslims list. It is essential to know that Imran Khan’s political opponents criticize him for political victimization.

Apart from efforts to curb corruption, he has also reduced government extravagance. More so, in his first year as Prime Minister, he launched a crackdown on money-laundering and retrieved state land worth hundreds of billions of Pakistani Rupees.

International Relations

Imran Khan has drastically improved Pakistan’s international relations despite the continuous threats from India. When India launched a surprise air attack in 2019, the pilot was captured and returned on the command of Imran Khan as a peace gesture.

His cooperativeness has also led to better relations with the US and Gulf states. To give Indian Sikh pilgrims the freedom to visit their holiest site, he has promoted the development of Kartarpur Corridor. All of these factors have raised the status of Pakistan on the international platform.

He and his Cabinet has formulated a successful foreign policy, which has reaped enormous benefits for Pakistan. His continuous collaboration with China, Saudi Arabia, and UAE has helped improve the nation’s state.


News of Imran Khan as ‘Man of the Year’ has spread like wildfire. While social media is overflowing with congratulatory notes, it is not devoid of criticism. Nonetheless, his cricket and social achievements cannot be denied, while critics question his political successes.

Previously, he leaped from 450th in 2018 to 29th in 2019, owing to his humanitarian contributions and efforts to curb corruption.


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