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The United States (US) elections are approaching, and people are curious to know who is going to be the winner of the 59th presidential election of the US.

The president of the US is not only influential for the citizens of America, but the world has its stares on the political activities of the US. This is because the US president has a significant impact on international crises like global pandemics, wars, and climate change, etc.

US elections come around every four years, and people show a lot of interest in the final output of the US presidential election.

The war of the US election this time is between Donald Trump and Mr. Biden, the battle is quite fierce, and it is still quite early to make any predictions about any one of them because anything can happen during the election campaign.

Lots of events happened that may impact the 2020 elections, and there’s more every passing day.

Florida & Texas States

Less than three months are left to US elections for president and the former vice president of America, Joe Biden, is in the contest to compete with Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is a presumptive nominee from the democratic party, and for now, he is pulling ahead of President Donald Trump.

Covid-19 has a high impact on the fluctuations of leading numbers in US elections for president.

Looking at Florida, the number of coronavirus cases is relatively high, and it led to people of the state weigh their choices on who to vote for the next president. Mr. Biden is leading the political battleground of Florida by six percentage points.

Similarly, Arizona is also looking for some political change where Mr. Biden has a slight lead over current president Donald Trump.

The numbers show a trend of a close race between both parties, with the difference of only five percentage points. Experts claim it is going to give a tough time to both candidates in November.

Covid-19 and US election polls

According to experts, Covid-19 can change the direction of results for the US presidential election, and Mr. Biden has a very apparent significant advantage in this regard.

Covid 19

The group of white seniors that helped Mr. Trump in their 2016 elections is now acting against President Trump because of his alleged mishandling during the pandemic.

Covid-19 has been realigning voters’ behavior and concerns about their future. Everyone is criticizing the US for mismanaging the situation of COVID-19. The records suggest that the pandemic has affected the Americans most negatively, and the outcomes are surreal.

 In short, Mr. Trump can have a hard time explaining his performance and contribution to the recent pandemic of Covid-19.

Race to Presidency continues

Both of the candidates running for the seat of the US presidential election need 270 electoral votes to get the lead in the US election for president.

According to national polling stats, most of the states in America are leaning in favor of one candidate. Still, in many states, the race of 2020 presidential election predictions is so close that it’s hard to predict anything before November.

These states fall under the category of ‘toss-up states,’ and even with the close race between both candidates, Biden still has the advantage. He can claim the victory from the electoral college majority states without expecting anything from the toss-up states.

Experts are saying that Trump is left with a very narrow path of claiming victory in US election polls, but it’s early to say anything for sure. Voters in the US will choose the political fate of Donald Trump as well as Joe Biden on 3rd November 2020.

Kamala Harris as vice president for Mr. Biden

Kamala Harris
AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Joe Biden has elected Kamala Harris as his vice president, who is a woman of color. It won’t be untrue to say that Kamala Harris can help Mr. Bidden in persuading the attention of black voters in the US.

Both Mr. Biden and Kamala Harris have the same approach towards left-wing policy proposals, where both of them follow the same governing design.


Even if some states are leaning more towards Mr. Biden, it won’t help in predicting the unexpected turn in US politics. As the time of election day is approaching, many companies are trying to predict the outcomes by gauging the mood of the voters and asking them about their preferred candidate.

More so, media outlets are using national polls to get a glance at a leading party and polypro candidates as a whole, but they are yet not the right way to predict the US election polls.

The US has a distinctive ‘electoral college system,’ so even if a candidate wins the most voters in national polling doesn’t necessarily reflect his win in the final results of elections.


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