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Will Robots Take Your Job? Get to Know If Your Job is Under Threat of Automation

Researchers at Oxford and Deloitte concluded after a study that 35% of jobs in the UK are under threat of being replaced by robots or

Medicine delivery by drones
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Chief of Manna Aero: “We are not going to deliver hamburgers”

According to WHO recommendations, people have to observe self-isolation to decrease the spread of the coronavirus. While we may think it’s easy to spend time

10 Best Active Learning Educational Apps for Kids During Quarantine
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Quarantine Activities: 10 Best Learning Apps for Kids

While the kids are out of school for what seems like the rest of the year, it’s essential to keep them busy and make them

5 Key Tips for a Successful Tech Start-up
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5 Expert Advice for Tech Startup Founders

Tech startups are all the rage due to the success of companies such as Tesla, Uber, and countless others. With the exponential increase in internet