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The contribution of the fashion industry during the Co-vid 19 pandemic
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COVID-19: Contribution of the fashion industry during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the lifestyle of many people. It has changed the way of people spending from clothing, travel, leisure, fuel, and outdoor

How Covid 19 affect car manutatures around the world
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COVID-19: How the lockdown has affected the global car manufacturing industry?

Coronavirus pandemic has brought the worst economic slump in the world and hence affected numerous industries. The automotive sector is one of them, and car

COVID-19 Pandemic might end by the end of this year - Study Suggests
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COVID 19 – Study Predicts Coronavirus to End by This Year

The BIG question in everyone’s mind nowadays is:  When will the world get back to normal, and when will we get rid of the deadly

The world is Overwhelmingly Tribute to Healthcare Workers Around the World
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Overwhelming Praises to Healthcare Workers Around the Globe

As the corona Pandemic takes over the world, the heroes in White are out saving lives. Putting themselves on the front line is not easy;

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Most Viral Toilet Paper Memes and Challenges During the Coronavirus

Nowadays, there is panic and anxiety everywhere due to coronavirus pandemic. To date, it has affected over 1 million people worldwide, and the death toll