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Chances are you might get carried away when you see an overwhelming number of meal ideas for your Mediterranean diet meal plan. You’ll think about what to eat and what to avoid, should you drink that grapefruit juice? How about soft cheese? There’s so much to get you confused.

The best Mediterranean diet resources are natural and tasty foods that won’t put you off from your diet plan. The Mediterranean diet plan doesn’t restrict you from your favorite foods, but under its guidelines, you can customize your meal. That’s the best thing about the Mediterranean diet because nobody likes restrictions when it comes to eating delicious foods. You’d know what is the Mediterranean diet, but in case you’re not sure, a Mediterranean diet plan is more of a lifestyle than your traditional restrictive diet plans. It’s a secret to better health of Mediterranean people

Mediterranean diet resources

Another great benefit is that since it emphasizes on natural foods and limits the processed foods that help you in the long run. Studies have proved very often that it’s the best diet plan and also helps reduce the chances of heart-related diseases.

Let’s get to the Mediterranean diet list of foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can make a customized meal plan and enjoy delicious meals for better health and reduced weight.


A nutritious breakfast keeps you going all day. In any doctor’s recommended diet, a healthy breakfast takes the priority as it refuels your body’s glucose and makes you active, alert, and fresh.

Mediterranean breakfast is simple, fresh, and quick food. While the variety of food may overwhelm you, here are some of the traditional Mediterranean breakfast ideas that’ll fit in perfectly in your diet plan.

  • Sliced fruits and nuts + yogurt topped with a drizzle of honey
  • Scrambled egg made with veggies + whole grain bread
  • Greek yogurt with oats + strawberries + honey
  • Omelet with onions and tomatoes + a fruit piece
  • Oatmeal with raisins + a piece of fruit
  • Egg fried in olive oil + olives + flatbread

Would you call it a perfect breakfast without tea or coffee? Obviously not. You can add coffee or tea in your breakfast menu but avoid juices and drinks which are high in sugar.


There are tons of great recipes for the Mediterranean diet food all over the internet. Meals in the Mediterranean diet include healthy foods like whole grains, legumes, fish, dairy products, olive oil, and very little red meat.

We list here some foods that you can include in your Mediterranean diet meal plan. Know that you can have leftovers from the last night in the next day’s meals, sometimes.

  • Bowl of quinoa with feta and fresh veggies topped with chicken slices
  • Other leftover food from the night before
  • Salad topped with olives, veggies, beans + a piece of chicken
  • Whole-grain roll along with fresh vegetable soup
  • Lentil salad with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, peppers, etc
  • Whole-grain sandwich with veggies + cheese
  • Leftover Mediterranean pizza

You can customize your meals as you wish. Just make sure to avoid too much red meat, saturated fat, highly processed foods, sweets and drinks with added sugar, and refined grains.


For your dinner, you have got a lot of choices. But before we move to some of those tasty foods, you should do this.

Avoid eating your dinner just before you go to bed. Whatever you eat takes time to digest, about 4-6 hours, depending on your metabolism rate. So, before you jump on the bed to sleep, you should give your body time to digest the food and burn off those extra calories.

Now let’s get to what you can add in your dinner for your Mediterranean diet meal plan!

  • Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, and peppers
  • Salad made of tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives
  • Mediterranean pizza topped with cheese, olives, and veggies
  • Quinoa bowl with salmon + red pepper sauce
  • Small piece of chicken breast with brown rice and vegetables
  • Chickpea with vegetable curry + pita bread
  • Grilled lamb with potato and salad

How to Devise Your Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan?

Now you have got a big list for each meal of the day, but you’ve got no idea how to proceed with it. Well, you can google around and find a ready-made plan, buy those stuff, and follow it. But here’s a better option.

Make your plan because that’s the beauty of the Mediterranean diet. It isn’t a calorie-centric diet, but it encourages eating healthy and natural foods and restricts highly processed foods, unhealthy fats, and high sugar intake.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you make a meal plan from the delicious dishes mentioned before.

  • Avoid repeating the same dish every day. For instance, don’t eat salmon more than twice a week.
  • Make a food list, buy the ingredients, and freeze for later
  • Choose meals that are easy to cook and don’t require ingredients unavailable to you
  • Go meatless once a week
  • Cook more for dinner so you can use the leftovers next day

If you still feel hungry after three meals a day, don’t jump to junk foods. Rather, eat healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, berries, some yogurt, dried fruits, dates stuffed with almond butter, etc.

Final Words

All in all, the Mediterranean diet meal plan is not merely a diet plan but a secret to healthy living. It helps keep your heart healthy, keeps you in shape, and at the same time, satisfies your taste buds with enriching foods.


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