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As the race to become 59th U.S President has already started, it is only getting intense. The war of words has begun. President Trump and his rival started taunting and criticizing each other. As one claims to Make America Great Again, the other calls himself as the most qualified person to be the President.

Candidates for Presidential Election 2020

Since there remain only 157 days until the general election that will be held in November, the Democrats have finalized their candidate. Twenty-four potential candidates were in a row to take on Trump in November. From women to Latino, to gay, to Hindu, were in line.

The candidates finally dropped out, and it narrowed down to the final candidate for Democrats, Joe Biden.

On the other hand, only a few Republican candidates competed for the nomination challenging President Trump.

Democrats’ Candidate

The former Vice-President Joe Biden is a seasoned politician and a seven-term Senator. He claimed to be the ‘most-qualified’ person to become the President. Biden has run for the Presidency twice, and it’s the third time the Senator is in the run. Will he succeed the third time?

Republican Candidate

Donald Trump, the 45th President, ran a stunning campaign in 2016 that led him to the Presidency. President Trump is famous for his unpopular opinions and the tweets that often sparks never-ending debates. Do Americans want him to continue, or they long for a change? The election decides.

Who the Americans Favor More?

The Presidential election race will continue until the general election. The odds are in favor of Joe Biden as the number speaks. But Trump changed the course of American History as he became the President after losing popular votes.

According to a poll recently conducted by CNN in May, 51% voted for former Vice President Joe Biden while President Trump received 46% of the public vote. The poll results speak of the popularity of both candidates.

Although it is the Electoral College that selects the President and not the popular votes, it is evident that Joe Biden is favorite for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections. But Trump has already upset political analysts in 2016, who knows if he will do it again?

Recent Events that Impacts 2020 Elections

With each passing day comes advancement to the electoral campaign. The corona outbreak has greatly impacted the campaigns as public rallies and gathering are difficult to hold as the death toll rises to 100,000.

Here is some recent news that concerns the 2020 presidential election.

Democrat Cortez Masto withdraws her name from Biden’s running mate

The first Latina-member of U.S Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto, said while she supports Joe Biden “100% will work tirelessly to help get him elected this November…I have decided to withdraw my name from consideration”.

Meanwhile, the former Presidential candidate, Klobuchar, makes a move that CNN termed as a ‘not-so-quiet bid’ to get on Joe Biden’s running-mate list. The Senator declined to comment on her becoming Joe’s number 2, saying she won’t ‘engage in hypotheticals.’

She may likely be Joe’s running mate, even though some Democrats are against it due to her criminal justice record. On the contrary, Joe Biden has praised and called her ‘first-rate.’ Klobuchar’s ability to get the work done, cut the deals, and good work-ethics make her an excellent candidate to run as Vice President.

Trump terms mail-in voting Fraud; his campaign facilitates supporters on the contrary

As the primaries and caucuses have started throughout different States amidst global pandemic, President Trump challenged the legitimacy of votes cast by mail-in voting at such a large scale.

Tim Murtaugh, campaign’s communication director, termed the Democrats’ idea for more mail-in ballots as ‘ill-intended.’ At the same time, he said that they find it ‘obligatory’ to let the voters know what’s their legal rights in their states.

Trump’s campaign administration is facilitating the supporters in Pennsylvania with a link that helps the voters request ballots for the primaries next week.

On Wednesday, 27th May, the Supreme Court of Texas blocked the distribution of mail-in ballot as the lack of immunity is against the wide-spreading coronavirus does not count as a disability.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Wisconsin that faced backlash after the health experts announced that 52 persons voted or worked as polling staff in the election tested positive for the virus approves to send absentee ballot ahead of the general elections. Ballots application will reach as many as 2.7 million registered voters in the State.

Spat Continues as Twitter Label Trump’s Tweet as ‘glorifying Violence.’

It’s only days ago that Twitter gave a ‘fact-check’ label to President Trump’s tweet that challenged the legitimacy of the elections held via mail-in ballot.

Now in a recent development, Twitter terms President’s tweet as ‘glorifying violence’ that started a huge debate among his critics and supporters. President Trump said in his tweet that ‘when the looting starts, shooting starts’ while commenting on the incident in which a black man George Floyd died. He was filmed saying he couldn’t breathe as a White Police Officer put his knee on Floyd’s neck.

Days after the spat, President Trump signed an executive order concerning social media companies that Trump labels as a move to ‘defend free speech.’

As the race to the Presidency continues, more and more events unfold, and the war of words continues to get severe. What remains consistent is that President Trump knows how to stay in the limelight, outsmarting Joe Biden. It’s another debate if his presence influences his campaign positively or negatively.


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