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If you are looking for an outdoorsy, exciting, adrenaline-packed vacation with kids, Nordics should be your next destination.  The northern European countries, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. With beautiful sights, rich in culture and history, you will remain enlightened and entertained throughout the trip. Summer vacations may be the ideal time for scheduling your visit. The temperatures in July may range from 55 to 72o F, ideal for spending time outdoors.

Plan ahead of your trip to ensure every day is busy and spent exploring because you wouldn’t want to waste time inside.

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden, this city is a must-visit with 14 islands surrounded by crystal clear water; it just invites you to swim. Public transport is secure and efficient. Stockholm card can be purchased, which is very affordable and will give you access to more than 80 museums and other popular attractions around the city. The card is inclusive of short ferry trips between the islands, so traveling together is as easy as it gets.

Tusenfryed Amusement park, Norway

Located at a 30-minute train ride from Oslo, this is Norway’s biggest amusement park. More than 30 attractions and rides for kids, teenagers, and adults, it also has 3D adventures, a waterpark with a swimming pool, slides, and beach volleyball. The park is open late April to early October. It has free entry for kids below 38 inches, but tickets are applicable for kids having a height above 38 and adults.

Legoland, Denmark

The original Legoland, situated in Billund, Denmark, is just a 3.5-hour drive away from Copenhagen. Just nearby LEGOLAND, you can see the Lego factory, which started making Legos 80 years ago. Famous buildings and entire countries made from Lego are remarkable to look at, or you can explore Miniland, where everything is made from mini Lego bricks. The Legoland has nine areas, which are Duplo land, Imagination zone, Knights kingdom, Adventure land, Pirate land, Legoredo Town, Miniland, Ninjago world, and Polar land. It has 50 exciting rides, and for night stay, Legoland hotels can be booked, which have different themed rooms.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

A must-see attraction in Copenhagen; is one of the most popular sites across the country. With roller coasters, green oasis, concerts, and much more to offer, this place will provide you with a captivating, cultural, fun experience with your family. The golden tower is a popular attraction, and veteran cars are a hit among Kids.

Vasa Museums, Stockholm, Sweden

Vasa museums, which is a historical attraction site for tourists, displays the only 17th century preserved ship. The museum preserves a 64-gun warship that sank during its first voyage in 1628. It is an attraction for tourists from all around the world.

Stroget, Copenhagen, Denmark

This place is a cobbled street where no cars are allowed, so you can stroll on the streets and explore on foot. You can also shop at all the big shopping outlets like H&M, Zara, moreover, this street is lined with restaurants and beautiful coffee shops so your family can have a good day shopping and eating.

Moomin World, Finland

It is a theme park based on the Moomin books written by Tove Jansson and located on Kailo island near the old town of Naantali in southwest Finland. The Moomin house, colored in blue, is the main attraction for kids. It is not a traditional amusement park having the rides, but it has a fire station, Moominmamma’s kitchen, Snufkin’s camp, and they can meet the witch in the cottage. The kids can also spot the Moomin world characters and can take photos with them. In winter, it is open in February, where kids can enjoy downhill slidings if there is enough snow.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Even though Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, lack fancy theme parks but kids can still enjoy nature and wildlife on the island. The families enjoy the activities like taking a dip in the geothermal pools, watching the humpback whales, horse riding tours, hiking up the glacier or watching the Atlantic Puffins in the wild. The best time to visit is in summers when the temperature is between 50-60O F.

There are some great places to explore in the Nordics, we have just listed a few of them. Traveling and exploring with kids will make it even more exciting and fun. The Scandinavian people are known to be very child friendly, and the chances are that your kids might never want to come back.



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