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You might be acquainted with inspirational and motivational Nelson Mandela Quotes, but are you familiar with his struggle for the black people in South Africa. He was perhaps one of the most popular politicians and social activists that ever lived. A testimony of his greatness is that people still look up to him for inspiration even after his death. And we are going to reflect on the extraordinary life of the Nobel prize winner, so if you want to know who Nelson Mandela is, keep reading.

Early Life of Nelson Mandela

On July 18th, 1918, Mandela was born in a small village called Mvezo, located in Transkei South Africa. His father, a nobleman, worked for the tribal chiefs, but later stripped of his title due to a dispute. This loss of Mandela’s father’s title changed the life of their family, and they had to move to an even smaller village due to the financial crisis. Nelson Mandela lived in Qunu village, where he spent most of his childhood. Mandela’s family members were not educated, and he was the first one from his family to enroll in a school.

Nelson Mandela was barely 12 years old when he lost his father and got adopted by Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo, who was the chief of Thembu people. Mandela later left his village and traveled to Mqhekezweni to handle the same tasks as the adopted son of the chief, also given to other children of Chief Jongintaba. Mandela continued his education in the city and also developed interests in African history after meeting various chiefs during his stay in the city.

Political Career of Nelson Mandela

Mandela entered politics in 1942 and joined the African National Congress, and he had a major contribution in forming the African National Congress Youth League. Soon after joining politics Nelson Mandela married, but his marriage didn’t last long. On the other hand, his political career was still on the rise, and he kept getting higher ranks in ANC. In 1952 he was made the National Volunteer-in-Chief of a resistance campaign launched against the unfair laws of South Africa. Leading this resistance resulted in Nelson being suspended for two years, and after his suspension, he started a law firm that happened to be South Africa’s first black law firm.

Nelson Mandela was arrested in 1956, and charged for treason again allegedly for providing free of cost legal assistance to black people. By 1961 Nelson was done using legal platforms to fight against injustice and started to believe in armed resistance. He founded MK, which was an armed resistance launched against discriminatory laws and practices against the black community in South Africa. Soon after finding MK, Nelson was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. This arrest and prison sentence of Mandela gave a new life to the black resistance movement, and Mandela became the face of resistance against racial discrimination. The resistance brought international pressure on the South African government. Mandela finally got released in 1990, and he collaborated with the government and worked hard to reduce distances between the white and black communities of South Africa. Thanks to his struggles, black people were finally given the right to vote, and 1994 Mandela won the national elections and became the president of South Africa. 

Nelson Mandela Life Facts

Nelson Mandela’s life events got filmed in documentaries and movies. There are plenty of interesting facts and quotes about Mandel’s life. Some interesting facts about his life are as follows:

  1. South Africa had the first black president Nelson Mandela.
  2. Nelson Mandela has won more than 250 international awards most prestigious of them is the Nobel Prize he won in 1993.
  3. Nelson Mandela ran a welfare foundation after he retired from politics.
  4. July 18th celebrated as Nelson Mandela day since 2009.


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