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If you are a keen Formula 1 racing wooer, you probably must be conscious of the two renowned gems of this field who are called the best formula 1 drivers in the history.

The duo has survived, and the latter is still surviving a lot of rivals in their racing career, and both mark the maximum number of achievements gained through the grinding and bestowed on position.

In this article, we take you through little known life struggle of these two best formula 1 driver in history. Also, we’ll cover the stories of both incredibly successful drivers in detail how they did not lose hope and continued to conquer the world of formula racing.

One belongs to history, and the other belongs to the present, but both are above the board when it comes to talent and achievements.

If you haven’t guessed till now, they are Ayrton Senna de Silva and Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. Let’s discuss their journey.

Ayrton Senna da Silva; 1960-1994

The hero died at the age of 34 while leading his profession plus passion. The 1994 San Marion Prix appraised to be his last racing event in history. Ayrton was a Brazilian racer who wished to conquer the heights of racing sports, and he did it in his short life span of 34 years only.

The fact that up till now, no other racer could outpace his success rate is what ascends him in the ranks and label his accidental death as the token of the final racing championship one could ever collect.

He led the teams of Toleman, McLaren, Lotus, and Williams, winning the Formula One World Drivers’ Championships in the years 1988, 1990, and 1991.

Though he was the best formula 1 driver or racer of his period but not the high-scorer, he scored a total of 614 career points and 19 fast laps.

Another  F1 racer and the rival of Senna, Prost, came in his way and won the World Championship in 1989, beating Senna, who stood first last year in 1988.

Therefore, turning his pain into power, Senna made sure not to spare the next two years for any of his rivals and brought the victories home for two years consecutively.

Nobody could break his record of most consecutive pole positions, and he still stands 3rd in the list of most pole positions followed by Hamilton and Schumacher. The world remembers him in kind words and recognizes his efficiency at large until today.

A time came in his career when the Lotus chief Peter Warr decided to replace another racer, Nigel Mansell, with our Ayrton Senna, but Senna was adamant about leading this game in his way.

Senna was also charged with the accuse of running the laps without purpose to distract other drivers and often to waste their time while racing. Senna denied all the charges against him, but his opponents did not spare him from the dirt easily.

After Prost’s retirement in 1994, Senna got chosen to fill the space in Lotus with Car No.2 and a massive amount of salary, but little did he know, his time was running out to enjoy these luxuries and status.

He died on 1st May 1994 when his car hit the concrete at 233 km/h during the race at San Marino Grand Prix.

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton; 1985-Present

Recently, the distinctive achievement of Hamilton, the best formula 1 driver, was recorded at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2019 when he owned his 19th lights-to-flag victory and crowned himself with unusual fame worldwide.

With this, Lewis tends to match the energy of the evergreen Ayrton Senna, who collected immense fame back then during his golden times. Lewis Hamilton has always showcased genuine confidence in his abilities more than anyone else.

Struggling from being an average Joe to the world-known F1 Mercedes racer now, Hamilton has improved himself with every passing year and with every race.

The 35 years old British F1 racer, belonging to Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, holds six-times World championship by racing in Formula 1 tournaments, dating first in 2008 and the recent in 2019.

His championship years account to be 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, and quite lately in 2019, scoring 413 points as the most scored in a season, making him the best formula 1 driver in the world.

To put himself on top of the list, Hamilton scored the highest pole position that is 88. He has won 3 grand slams in a season and scored the highest point in a season, a total of 413 that he scored at Abu Dhabi Prix 2019.

All in all, Hamilton’s all-around highest career scoring points are figured to be 3431, whereas the fast laps count to be 47.

Cutting behind the trivial bigotry found in the kingdom during the outset of his career, he was the first black driver nominated by McLean young driver program to race in the contests.

Hamilton had to handle the constant spirit of pursuit with his old friend Nico Roseberg who was also his teammate, and they both survived the evident flow of competition throughout the racing games.

Later on, Roseberg, before retiring, submitted his position to Vettel, who then maintained the heat of snatching success between him and Hamilton.

Hamilton was undoubtedly following all-star Ayrton Senna to complete the hat-trick of achieving 3 World championships consecutively and eventually got the moment in the last year.

Hamilton, credited as one of the most aggressive riders on the grid, the public and the experts both recognize his talent for conserving his position in the industry as well as climbing the top spot on the best formula 1 driver’s list.


While Schumacher stands second in the list and remains one of the best formula 1 drivers of all time, we covered one F1 driver from the past, and the other from the present still leads the scoreboard.

Fans still look up to the charm of watching Formula 1 race, and it seems like the racing has a long way to go with new technology coming in every few years. No one can beat the excitement one feels when they see racers go in full swing, let alone the thought of driving the beasts.


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