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The world’s most prominent 26-year-old musician Justin Beiber appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s show on Tuesday. On the show, the topic discussed was when the newlyweds (JB and Hailey) are planning to have kids. To which Justin made it very clear that the ball is in Hailey Beiber’s court.  

He also mentioned that Hailey has other things to accomplish as a woman, and she is just not ready to have kids at the moment, and he thinks that is totally “OK” too.  Also, the couple doesn’t seem to be in any rush to have kids. In an interview in February 2019 with Vogue, Hailey clarified that she doesn’t want to have kids for a few years. Another question was asked to Justin how many kids the couple plans to have to which Justin said that he would love to have himself a little tribe but it’s Hailey’s body so she should choose how many kids they should have. This response of Justin received a massive round of applause from the audience.

Last year on April fool’s day, Justin shared a baby scan picture and didn’t put any caption on the post. Hailey responded and made it clear to the fans that the couples’ just pulling a prank on them, and there is no truth in the picture.



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