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The pop star Justin Beiber proved that he is the biggest fan of Jim Carey’s dwell motion film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  It was launched in 1990 when the pop star Justin Beiber was just 6 years old. That means he grew up watching this movie on many occasions, especially Christmases.

The famous pop star took it to Instagram, where he posted a story of himself lip-syncing the Grinch’s whole part when he was talking to Cindy.  Justin Beiber completely lip-synced the part with Jim’s voice and facial expressions. Beiber made tremendous expression by stretching his face and by making his eyes wild, showing his acting skills in the process. After that, Justin Beiber mimicked the classic Jim’s loud night breathing noises and making extremely bored expressions to show how the little lady’s overtures had zero to none impact on him. Justin and Hailey Beiber embellished their home Christmas tree on the 12th of Dec by showing it to their fans on Instagram in a time-lapse video.



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