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ICC Introduces new rules recently to adapt to the changing global scenario amid the coronavirus pandemic. New rules are proposed to continue organizing cricket events while keeping the players safe from the virus.

New Rules

The rules introduced by ICC are: One of the regulations is banning the use of saliva to shine balls. This step was taken to minimise the risk of the spread of coronavirus during matches. World cricket chiefs approved the rule, so polishing a ball with saliva will be banned in the upcoming games from now on. All the bowlers will now have to quit the habit of rubbing balls with their saliva. Because the International Cricket Council (ICC) also proposed several penalties if a bowler tries to break the rule and use saliva on the ball.

They also backed the introduction of substitutes in case a player takes ill due to the coronavirus.

The rules for kit sponsorship are relaxed for a year from now. It will allow the teams to earn some extra revenue during these challenging times. The teams will generate additional income by placing a logo on the chest of their test shirts and sweaters as well.

Why bowlers use saliva on the ball

Bowlers put saliva on the ball to swing it better, and it has turned into almost a habit of all bowlers. It is a traditional way to make the ball swing more. The use of any artificial substance on the ball has already been outlawed. Most of the bowlers believe that banning this act will give an advantage to all the batsmen; for example, the former captain of Australia Steve Smith showed concerns over the new law.

Penalty introduced by ICC

According to an ICC statement issued lately, “The opposing of this rule can affect teams and players.” Several penalties are introduced to ensure that players follow this rule. If a player breaks the rule and applies saliva on the ball, it will result in a team receiving a five-run penalty. None of the players, not just the bowlers, can use saliva on the ball. If a player does apply saliva on the ball, then the umpire will deal with the situation leniently for the first two times. The initial leniency is because the players have developed this habit over a long time, and this rule is new to them, so they will give players some time to adjust according to it. After receiving two warnings, if the player repeats the act third time, then it will result in a five-run penalty, which will be added to the batting side. The umpires have instructions to clean the ball whenever the bowler applies the saliva before resuming the game to avoid infections.

Ahold has been put on, on international cricket, if any player shows symptoms of the coronavirus, the team will be allowed to replace that player mid-series. This rule will ensure the safety of players and match officials as well. All the governments globally are trying their best to get over the pandemic, and ICC is trying to do its part by reducing the spread of the virus while keeping cricket alive.



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