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In order to get verified on Instagram today, you do not need to be a celebrity or a business. That gleaming blue checkmark is a symbol of virtual authenticity and enough to make a lasting impression on anyone who visits a verified profile. Technically, getting Instagram verified is a pretty seamless process, and registration only takes a few minutes.

However, that doesn’t mean the social media app goes around handing it to everyone. To qualify, you must be able to meet specific standards. Moreover, if an account is found breaching any one of Instagram’s long list of policies, it doesn’t stand a chance.

So, what do you need to pass the test, then? Fortunately, the requirements are pretty simple. Let’s take a quick look.

Req# 01: Make Your Account Authentic

Your account must accurately represent who is running it; whether that’s a person or a brand, there should be zero impersonation traces.

Req # 02: Complete Your Profile

Naturally, Instagram isn’t going to entertain users who don’t even post to the platform or have incomplete profiles. So, put up a picture and write a few lines for your bio. Also, don’t use the bio section to gain followers for other social media platforms; Instagram hates that.

Req # 03: In a World of Impersonators, Be Unique

One entity can only have one verified account, which is why you’ll find there are no celebrity fan pages with a blue checkmark next to their names.

Req #04: Make it Notable

Preferably, it would help if you aimed for verification only after your account is at least decently popular among its audience. This saves you the trouble of sending multiple requests in the future.

Now let’s look at the simple procedure of getting verified on Instagram for free of charge.

Process of Getting Verified on Instagram for Free

If you’re thinking about applying through a third party, stop right there! Why pay for something free? Instagram doesn’t charge any fee for requesting verification. You will need a phone and an internet connection. 

Here are simple instructions you need to follow:

First off, log into your account and head over to your profile. At the top, click the menu icon – three horizontal bars – and you will be redirected to a list of different options.

Select the ‘settings’ option and then click ‘account.’ This page will have ‘request verification’ at the lower end of the screen.

Select the option, and it will take you to a form where you’ll have to submit some personal information to get verified. This information includes your username, name, account category as well as photo ID. Your photo ID should be clearly visible and must contain your date of birth and full name.

Whether you choose to upload your passport, driver’s license, or national identity card is entirely up to you. On the other hand, if you need to verify an account representing a business, you will need to attach an official document such as a tax filing receipt or an article of incorporation.


The perks of getting verified on the social media giant are plenty. From winning your audience’s trust to landing potential sponsorships, that little blue checkmark is undeniably powerful.

Contrary to popular belief, getting an Instagram verified badge isn’t rocket science. Most influencers and businesses today have one, and that’s proof it isn’t impossible.

As long as your account meets the given criteria, you, too, can flaunt it. However, if it doesn’t go right the first time, you can always apply again after thirty days.


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