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Breakouts appear when excess sebum, oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells concentrate on the skin. The most common forms of acne include pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne scars.

To prevent your skin from acne, it is vital to understand the root cause of acne. The most common acne causes include hormonal imbalance, stress, unhealthy diet, medication side effects, and harmful chemical products. It is imperative to ensure a healthy diet, exercise, and the use of organic, skin-friendly products.

Types of Acne:

1. Blackheads

Blackheads, as indicated by the name, are black-colored pores concentrated on the facial area. Blackheads essentially develop because of the opening of hair follicles and sebum gland that produces oil, and if the pore is open, the exposure to air causes it to change its color to black.

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2. Whiteheads

Whiteheads emerge when dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria clog the skin’s pores and have no open pores to exfoliate them. The most common area for whiteheads includes nose, shoulders, back area, and arms.

3. Pimples

A pimple is a blemish that develops due to sebum, oil glands that clog and get infected with pus resulting in red. Spots mostly occur during puberty or due to an unhygienic routine, unhealthy diet, or frequent touching your face.

4. Acne scars

Acne scars are deep patches on the skin due to scarring of blemishes or pimples. It is recommended not to touch or pop your pimples with fingers as soon as they appear, as premature popping can lead to permanent scars. Acne scars are hard to remove as they require laser treatment for effective removal.

What causes sweat breakout?

Sweat breakouts are most frequent in summer or humid environments. Sweat due to workouts can be problematic when it clogs with dead skin cells, and the residual gets concentrated on the skin.

How to prevent sweat breakout?

There are many ways to avoid sweat breakouts, and the following tips will help to prevent sweat breakouts:

1. Don’t wear makeup while working out

Wearing makeup while working out can clog sweat on the foundation and eventually on the skin. It doesn’t enable your skin to breathe and the sweat trapped under makeup causes acne and blemishes.

2. Remove excess oil with toner or wipes

Toner is an effective way to clean your skin from the impurities and sweat from the face. Dap 3-5 drops of toner on a cotton pad and wipe the sweat giving a glow to the skin.

3. Wear fresh clothes before every workout session

Avoid last workout session clothes and wear new clothes to avoid sweat residue in contact with your skin. This will protect against bad odors and keep the harmful bacteria away.

4. Use clean towels during the workout

Use washed towels to wipe away the sweat during the workout. After every workout, try to shower as early as possible to remove germs and bacteria, and use a washed towel to dry yourself afterward. Any remnants of germs can cause acne when in contact with the skin.

5. Clean shared gym equipment

Many people are likely to use the same machines in the gym during a workout. Ensure to disinfect the equipment before use to avoid contact with others’ sweat and germ.

Products for sweat breakout  

Here are a few must-try products to prevent blemishes due to sweat.  They can be useful in controlling acne for normal circumstances as well.

1. Bodyshop tea tree oil

Bodyshop tea tree Oil

The holy grail skin product is a fan favorite to fight against acne and blemishes. Dab a few drops of tea tree on cotton pads and apply right away on the pimple. The cooling effect of tea tree soothes skin and controls oil.

2. Garnier micellar water

Garnier micellar water
Garnier micellar water

Garnier Micellar works perfectly to remove the toughest traces of makeup.

3. Neutrogena wipes

Neutrogena makeup removing wipes is useful to remove waterproof makeup and moisturize your skin with usage.

4. Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream

The oil-free sunscreen suffices the daily requirement of wearing sunscreen without any traces of sebum or clogged pores.

5. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque

It is recommended to use black masque to remove any blackheads and dead skin cells causing acne. The charcoal mask radiates skin clearing out any uneven texture and pores.

6. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Niacinamide, which is very useful in reducing blemishes, controls excess oils, and shrink pores. This serum is a fan favorite from The Ordinary products.


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