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Instagram is all the rage these days, and so are the Instagram influencers. Also called Instagram models, they are promoting brands and mostly fashion products. They are not limited to promoting clothing brands because they can use their influence to promote everything from fitness supplements to electronics. That is when the big question pops up in everyone’s minds. How exactly do Instagram influencers make money from these promotions? They don’t promote brands as a hobby. There is serious money involved in social media influencer marketing. And in this article, we will tell you about all the different ways Instagram influencers use to make money, so keep reading.

Instagram influencers use sponsored posts to make money

When regular Instagram users post about their daily lives, the post barely reaches more than a few people. However, Instagram influencers with thousands or millions of followers get a much larger reach on their posts. Big influencers with a loyal audience can then work with brands that pay them to post about their products, and these posts are known as sponsored posts. The influencer posts some positive things about the brand they are promoting through their Instagram account. The point is to create a positive image of the brand you are promoting in your followers’ minds.

Instagram influencers use affiliate marketing to make money

Affiliate marketing is a step up from sponsored posts for Instagram influencers. Because when influencers become affiliates of a business or a brand, they get a percentage from the products’ sales. Affiliate marketing involves adding a link or a code in the affiliate post that influencers make on their Instagram. Every time someone uses that link or code to purchase a product, the influencer gets a commission on that sale. The affiliate posts are engaging, and they have a call to action to motivate the followers to make a purchase. Instagram influencers make more money if the products they sell through affiliate marketing are expensive. For example, the commission on a $500 sale will be higher than a $50 deal.

Influencers can sell their products

This Instagram business model has been proven successful for many big Instagram influencers, and it is also the most profitable one. Once they have large enough followers, they get an idea about what kind of products their audience is interested in, and they can start selling them through their Instagram account. Some influencers can get creative and design their products for the market while others buy products from suppliers and sell them on their Instagram. Instagram now allows you to set up an Instagram shop, so selling products on Instagram is easier than ever now.

Some Instagramers use the dropshipping model to make money

Dropshipping is similar to selling your product on Instagram. However, instead of creating or storing products themselves, Instagram influencers can rely on suppliers to ship the product to the customer once the sale has been made through your Instagram account. All the influencers have to do is set up a dropshipping store and place the store’s link in their bio or their Instagram posts to make sales.



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