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Are you a car enthusiast who loves to stay updated about new and old ones? Honda Accord Type S launched in 2008 is one such great ride that rivals BMW 3 and Audi A4. With a little more money, it lets you experience exclusive features that car enthusiasts expect in their luxury ride.

Honda Accord Type S has more advanced features than its standard models. It is available in Saloon and Tourer, with both offering a spot-on ride.

Specifications of Honda Accord Type S

Launched in 2008 in the Geneva Motor Show, the Honda Accord Type S as known in Japan and Europe, is called Acura TSX in the USA and Canada.

It has an iDTEC 2.2 diesel engine that has 180 PS, more than its standard version. The modified turbo, cylinder head, larger radiator adds to its better performance. Honda has also updated its clutch to handle the increased torque of 30 Nm, taking it to 380 Nm. Honda Accord Type S also features lighting in the dash, footwells, and on the map.

How Does It Feel Like Inside a Honda Accord Type S?

Are you fed up with all this technical stuff? Let’s head onto what it feels like to be in a Honda Accord Type S.

The dash looks good and classy and has premium quality soft-touch material and has a six-speed manual gearbox. Honda Accord Type S is a comfortable ride with spot-on steering control. Although not so sporty, it does have increased speed than the standard version. The Honda Accord Type S comes in Sedan and Touring design.

The front seat is comfortable, and the back seats are roomier than your average car. It has space to bear a couple of cups or tins behind the gearbox. You’re good to go on a long ride in this beauty. The car has a solid body with a beautiful shape, and a killer look. The Honda Accord Type S doesn’t make a noise; it runs smoothly and quietly.

A Sneak Peek into Car Modification

Not everybody owns a savage car like Honda Accord that has a dashing look and runs as good as you expect. So, people go for modification. If you are curious as to why enthusiasts go for it and how do they do it, stay put, and let’s dive in.

Modifying Honda Cars: Why & How People Do It?

Many car geeks love modifying their ride. Some do it because they long for a good-looking ride. Others want to outrun other cars. Then some are just passionate about it. They modify their cars to make it best in town and to show off.

Simply put, enthusiasts do it, so the car looks good, outperforms others, runs faster, or just for the sake of it because they are so passionate about it.

There are many ways to modify your Honda car. Also, there are tons of things you can change in your ride. But today, we look at some of the easiest and most commonly done car modifications that you will love.

1- Get a Paint Job done

A good-looking car gives you a good feeling. It increases the car value, and you get a sense of happiness when you ride it. So, you can start modifying your car by starting with a paint job. Or you can get vinyl graphics to show off because they are easily removable in case you change your mind.

2- Replace the Rims and Tires

Replacing the original tires and rims for a better, dashing look and killing performance is something Honda geeks prefer. Good wheels have a stronger grip and better impact, and that’s what you want in your beast. Go for the wheels suitable for your car and the rim that adds to the look.

3- Aftermarket Exhaust

The quiet exhausts of Honda are good. But it may limit your car performance. How about investing some money in a good exhaust with a wide diameter? It’s a little louder, but it will surely boost performance and increase horsepower.

4- Change Seat Covers

Easy to do and adds to the beautification of your ride. Changing seat covers, painting the inside of the car, changing the color of the dash, revamps the interior of your ride. It gives you a feeling like you are sitting in a new car.

If you want to make your ride lighter and faster, consider removing the back seats and see the difference. But that’s only an option if you are into racing. You wouldn’t want that in your family car, would you?

5- Install Spoilers

Install any fancy spoiler if you want to add to the looks. Your car will surely look better and give a killing look. But if you wish to have every edge you can get over your rivals, go for the carefully designed spoiler that can cut through the air and boosts your car speed.

Other than that, you can install tinted glass, lower your car, install modified bumpers, remove rear seats, install custom headlights, and a lot more. You can revamp your car, install new parts, and whatnot.

Wrapping Up

So, the Honda Accord Type S is a comfy and smooth ride, although not as sporty as its competitors such as BMW 3. The Accord Type S with a solid body and luxurious look is better than other average midsize cars.

It’s slightly expensive, but considering its exclusive features, increased speed, and greater performance, that’s justified. The car has great resale value as well.

Make sure to check the compatibility of your Honda car and the local laws before you go for any modification in your ride.


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