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French culture, one that captivates all, offers food that is so good that it drives people to visit Paris and other French cities to have a taste of it. Although the area is so vast and the diversity even more, here is a list of the (few) famous French eateries and restaurants (with French names that sound so exquisite you want to say them over and over again) that you should stop by next time you’re in France. Bon appetite!

1. Le Petit Nice

In Marseille, a five-star tourist hotel, Le Petit Nice restaurant is headed by Chef Gérald Passédat and offers the Southern French cuisine. The top dish there remains the bouillabaisse, a fish, and soup mix. The place incorporates exquisite food, breathtaking scenery, and one fantastic stay at the five-star hotel. This deal makes it an all-in-one stay!

2. Laudrée

One of France’s most relaxed restaurant is the Laudrée, founded in 1862, serving the most delicious double-decker macaroons ever! The famous place sells an average of 15000 macaroons every day. The eatery has even opened up in places like London, New York, and Australia. With over a century-old experience in the eating, the cafe also serves tea, which makes a great combo with their range of flavored macaroons.

3. Au Pied de Cochon

Another famous hotel in France, Au Pied de Cochon, is located in the Les Halles district and serves traditional French dishes such as the steak and escargot. With its inauguration back in 1947, the building features a vintage aesthetic appeal to it and attracts many tourists and celebrities.

 4. Arpège

Headed by the Chef Alain Passard, Arpège is a three-star rated, Haute French restaurant located in the center of Paris and known for its seasonal and garden menus. Make sure to make a reservation there because it’ll give you a taste of what the French culture is all about.

5. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

The reason behind delicious beans and potatoes served fresh at the French restaurant in Paris is because they’re exclusively grown there and harvested in the morning of the day of serving. Headed by Chef Romain Meder, the restaurant closed in 2014 for some time to evolve its cuisine and switch to more eco-friendly options, and ever since it reopened in 2015, it has once again been on the rise. With its corporate social responsibility and environmental values at the forefront, all the ingredients are grown pesticide-free. The restaurant serves traditional French as well as the Shojin cuisine.

6. Le Jules Verne

Alain Ducasse’s Le Jules Verne is just across the Eiffel Tower, the world-famous monument that brings hoards and crowds of people to itself. The chic restaurant offers five to six contemporary French cuisines along with a stellar view that is going to take your breath away.

7. Berthillon

French desserts also make a mark on the people, as does Tartan Tina. As the pies’ family, the famous French delicacy is best served in Berthillion on the İle Saint-Louis and located on Street Saint Louis in Paris. The famous ice cream parlors in the French city offers an array of ice-cream flavors, including cocoa, strawberry, and more. The place also serves as a cafe. With stellar customer reviews and customer satisfaction always guaranteed, Berthillion is the way to go!

 8. Pavillion Élysée Lenôtre

Owned by Gaston Lenotre, the man on which the main character in the 2007 Pixar movie Ratatouille was modeled, Pavillion Élysée Lenôtre has been standing in the Champs-Elysées since the 1900s. It serves poultry and prawns with sweet French spices and a mix of vegetables, desserts like the vanilla millefeuille. This place is not one you would want to miss out on.

9. Angelina

Another pastry shop in France is Angelina, established by Antoine Rumpelmayer in 1903.

Serving pastries and sweets for over a century now remains one of the most famous French pastry shops, with its tearoom and hosting multiple celebrated personalities. Its famous delicacies include the hot chocolate cake and Mont Blanc cake.

10. Le Grand Bain

Lamb, rabbit, pigeon, poultry, beans, vegetables are all served in the Le Grand Bain, a creation of Chef Brit Edward Delling Williams. If a plate of arancini balls stuffed with escargot, sake, or green beans on top of a dollop of ricotta and chili jam and cucumbers topped with goat cheese,  does not entice you, then we don’t know what will!

If you ever find yourself in France, make sure to visit these exquisite eateries and famous French restaurants!



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