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Recently, Britney Spears shared a video of her dancing to “sex on fire” by Kings of Leon. She proved to her fans that she still got some fire moves in her arsenal and is in good physical shape. Britney Spears posted this video on Instagram in which she is dancing her heart out in her favorite clothes, the short shorts.

Along with the video, she revealed to her 27 million fans that she broke her foot when she danced to this song almost a year ago. Britney Spears twirled in circles joyfully, letting the fans know that she has fully recovered from her foot injury and shows no signs of injury or pain. Unfortunately, the camera looked a bit off, to which she explained in her video that she was dancing for an hour and a half when she realized that the camera was busted.

If this was Britney’s attempt at making her fans feel at ease about her safety, she might have gotten her fans even more worried as her fans ended up asking if Britney is ok after watching this video.



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