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How effective is carb cycling for weight loss
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Carb Cycling: How efficient it is in losing weight?

Carbohydrate (carbs) is one of the three primary macro-nutrient required by the body for healthy functioning besides protein and fat. Many people exclude carbs from

Weight loss vs. fat loss – Which should be adopted?
Health and Fitness Lifestyle Trending Gossips

Weight loss vs. Fat loss – Which is better?

Nowadays, life is pretty sedentary; still, people focus on living healthy, and it seems everyone wants to eat right and lose weight. But, is there

Doctor’s response to Trump’s recent controversial statement
Health and Fitness Politics Trending Gossips

COVID-19: Doctor’s response to Trump’s controversial statement

The United States president, Donald Trump, is known to float statements which have little to no meaning, and are just mere outburst of his anger

How Ramadan 2020 is Different for Muslims?
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COVID-19: How Ramadan 2020 will differ from previous years?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ramadan 2020 may be a little different for Muslims. During Ramadan, Muslims throughout the globe observe fast from dawn till

Staying Healthy in Ramadan During the Lockdown
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How to Stay Healthy in Ramadan?

The holy month of Ramadan is just here, and Muslims all over the world are ready to observe fast and enjoy its blessing. During the

10 Best Active Learning Educational Apps for Kids During Quarantine
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Quarantine Activities: 10 Best Learning Apps for Kids

While the kids are out of school for what seems like the rest of the year, it’s essential to keep them busy and make them

Weight Loss and Calorie Counter
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8 Best Weight Loss and Calorie Counter Apps for Fitness Lovers

Stuck inside? Can’t go to the gym? Well, in quarantine, it is best not to lose hope, instead- lose fat. While keeping those calories in