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10 Lunchbox Super Easy Meals For Kids

Preparing a lunch box every day is not easy, like deciding what to cook for dinner is a hectic job. It is ideal for your

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How Renowned Princess Diana Outfits Influenced The Society?

Princess Diana’s outfits had the power to influence the public through widespread media coverage and the ‘relatable’ element often exhibited in her casual outfits, whether

A 9-year-old Pakistani girl beats Indian professor's world record in Chemistry
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A 9-Year-old Pakistani Girl Beats Indian Professor’s World Record in Chemistry

Natalia Najam, a Pakistani girl, has broken the record of an Indian professor in Chemistry. She arranged the chemical elements in the periodic table in

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How to Make Mediterranean Tuna Pasta?

Mediterranean tuna pasta is a light, creamy, addictive dish and is available all year round. People worldwide have developed a taste for Mediterranean tuna pasta.

6 Tips that'll make walking in heels more convenient
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6 Tips That’ll Make Walking In Heels More Convenient

Wearing heels can be problematic initially, but as time passes, we get used to them, even working in them. It is like equipping a new

10 most expensive hobby ideas
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10 Most Expensive Hobby Ideas

Are you struggling to find a hobby in this lockdown? Were you a workaholic before the COVID-19 pandemic? Are smartphones consuming all your energy, even

8 famous loaves of bread worldwide
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8 Famous Loaves of Bread Worldwide

Bread is a staple in every diet; it complements with gravy, consumed in breakfast with butter, making sandwiches, sub or can be eaten as a

Top 10 Bridges In The World
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Top 10 Bridges In The World

Bridges are a pathway to life either it is a new chapter in someone’s’ life or just a routine drive towards your dreams. Here are

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Dubai And Its Must-try Breakfast Dishes

With the ever-increasing popularity of breakfast places, it is finally getting the attention it deserves. During the last years, breakfasts were the day’s perfunctory meal;

3 Best Meditation Apps That Will Help You Relax Better
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Easy Recipe: How To Make Pickles With Leftover Vegetables?

Making pickles is the best way to go whenever leftover vegetables cause storage problems. You may find yourself in a position when there is an