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Natalia Najam, a Pakistani girl, has broken the record of an Indian professor in Chemistry. She arranged the chemical elements in the periodic table in just 2 minutes and 47 seconds. She has maintained the top world record in this category by the age of 9. She broke the record only by 7 seconds. Previously, an Indian economics professor Meenakshi Agarwal held the title by completing the arrangement of the elements in the periodic table in only 2 minutes and 49 seconds, so you can guess how much of the age difference and mental capability is between both of them.

Background of Natalia Najam:

Background of Natalia Najam
Natalia Najam Photo: twitter

The young girl is a science enthusiast from Lahore. The youthful Pakistani young lady trusts that her accomplishment will motivate youngsters worldwide to keep taking steps in science and seek top world record in science, innovation, designing, and math (STEM). Numerous Pakistanis via web-based media hailed her accomplishment calling her “Pakistan’s young researcher” and motivating small kids, particularly young ladies, to take up science subjects. Her dad Hasan Najam says his little girl has not gotten formal tutoring and has been taught at home, nearby media detailed. It shows that the Pakistani education system focuses too much on learning rather than clarifying its basic concepts.

Educational efforts:

Educational efforts

It clearly shows that the young scientist is capable of so much more than re-arranging periodic tables in record time in her life to achieve a top world record in the world of science. If adequately funded and trained, she could be a famous scientist who could receive a Nobel prize award in science in the future. The education system is affected heavily by this news, even though without proper schooling. The young girl was able to achieve something instead of being pressured by the school studies. On the off chance that Pakistan figures out how to instruct and expertise this flooding youth populace, it could outfit a gigantic youth profit that could assist with energizing the nation’s financial development and modernization.

This Pakistani girl achievement in science has brought the attention of many educational teaching methods to light that only one can achieve at such a young age. Due to COVID-19, most students are attending classes online, which does not help them reach their potential in life.



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