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Instagram is the go-to social media for fashion enthusiasts and lovers having the latest fashion trends. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to spawning the latest Instagram fashion trends, either. In fact, Instagram users are known for starting fashion trends of their own, and the year 2020 has seen plenty being born from Instagram. Instagram influencers rival the fashion magazines when dictating what the younger generation buys or doesn’t buy. Whatever style you follow, there is something for every fashion enthusiast to get inspired from on Instagram. Whether it is fashion accessories, clothing, or makeup, Instagram fashion trends significantly impact everything. This article will tell the 5 major fashion trends taking over Instagram in 2020, so keep reading.

Oversized blazer and vintage denim combo

Every major Instagram fashion influencer has posed while wearing an oversized blazer and jeans combo along with a T-shirt. Blazers are not only for the 9 to 5 anymore, and you can even wear them on a Friday if you want to. Oversized blazers, also called boyfriend blazers, can go great with vintage and trendy jeans, and you can try out different prints to find your favorite one. And for the footwear, you can also go oversized with some giant sneakers if you want. 

All leather outfits

The leather trend has been around since 2019 and has gone strong in the year 2020. Leather is a timeless material, and it has cemented its spot in fall fashion. So it doesn’t surprise that the leather trend is popular amongst Instagram fashion royalty as well. In case you already have a favorite leather piece, you can build your all-leather outfit around it as well. Or if you don’t own a leather item yet, then starting with a leather skirt is a good idea, and you can build your outfit around it. You can get leather leggings, leather shoes, and a leather bag pack to complete your leather on leather look.

Macro bags trend 

The trend of tiny ticktack sized handbags is finally coming to an end. Not only are small bags impractical, but they are also easy to get misplaced. So it is about time that Instagram is making macro bags a trend. Don’t get fooled by some of the absurdly large photoshopped images of bags. The macro bag trend is about being practical and trendy at the same time. Like the oversized blazer trend, the macro bag trend only confirms that Instagrammer’s love for oversized fashion items. There are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to the macro bag trend, and women worldwide are loving it. It is evident that macro bags make an instant fashion statement, but macro bags’ actual appeal comes from practicality. You can hold an umbrella, beauty case, and even your laptop in a macro bag while staying trendy and fresh, which is the macro bag’s biggest catch.

Combat shoes

Combat shoes have been appearing on runways and in streetwear fashion magazines for quite some time. So it was only a question of time before Instagram catches the wave of combat boots. Instagram models are seen wearing combat shoes with everything from bike shorts,  leather skirts, format pants and t-shirts, and even floral tops. Combat boots look not only cool but also great for running errands and fashion. Combat shoes have been around in the fashion world for a very long time. And it seems that they always make a comeback every winter, and the year 2020 is not going to be an exception. Big names such as Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and Hailey Bieber have been seen rocking combat shoes in the past, and the combat shoe trend is only going to grow stronger.

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves have been a thing in the fashion world since 2018, and you could see them popping up on your IG feed once in a while. However, in 2020 puff sleeves have come back stronger than ever, and you can expect them to take over your Instagram feed and explorer page during the fall season. Puff sleeves have different variations, including balloon puff sleeves, the Juliet style puff sleeves, leg of mutton, and many more. Basically, any dress with sleeves can be turned into a puff sleeve dress, and you can find puff sleeves on sweaters, coats, and even gowns. Puff sleeves are also a convenient option to have during summers because puff sleeves are known for being breezy.



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