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With a recent focus on more non-conventional tourist spots such as Bali, people sometimes overlook the unmatched beauty within Europe. While Madame Tussauds is a crowd favorite, it is extravagantly mainstream. So, to use the wax museum as a standard to measure Europe’s allure would be a grave injustice.

Unfortunately, many of the serene places in Europe are not well known to most. Simultaneously, their relative lack of popularity adds to their mystique and makes them all the more mesmerizing to tourists.

Away from the cities’ hustle and bustle, there are quite a few beautiful open spaces that establish Europe as a stellar spot for tourists. Thus, these places have a culture of their own and offer immersive experiences to whoever wishes to visit them. If you’re an avid traveler, confused about how you can feed your wanderlust, check out these 5 hidden gems in Europe.

1- Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar
Lake Skadar

Located in Montenegro, this is the largest lake in the Balkans area. Natives like to call it by different names, such as Lake Shkoder or Lake Shkodra. The latter is surrounded by thick forestation and breathtaking mountains you can road-trip through with your best pals. Also, the village people in this region offer boat ride over the lake, which, as unique as they are, are only one part of the entire experience. From hiking to cycling, there are plenty of options you can choose from when you’re here. 

Additionally, you can also sign up for a delicious wine tasting tour at one of the local wineries while you’re at it. Thus, a visit to Lake Skadar is exceptionally wholesome. The locals are incredibly welcoming, which is why this tourist spot is rightfully one of the most underrated places in Europe.

2- Tapolca


Tapolca is Hungary’s best-kept secret to date. It is a small town in Veszprém county with only a little over 16000 residents. While Budapest is a great spot for most tourists to pine over when they come to the country, Tapolca has its charm. It offers a break from all the noise associated with other major cities with close bound buildings and many cobbled streets.

However, what makes it stand out – and a part of this list – is its visual appeal. There isn’t a color you won’t find here, from deep reds to muted yellows, whether that’s in the vineyards encasing Tapolca or the town itself! 

As a bonus, the place is cheaper than the capital, which means you get to enjoy the local cuisine without worrying about your finances. And because Lake Balaton is only some kilometers away, you can feast on as many fish buffets as you please!

3- Lviv


Rome’s great, but have you ever been to Ukraine? If you haven’t, you need to rectify that immediately! Ukraine is host to some of the most picturesque places globally, one of which is Lviv, a small town that basks in the glory of its heritage. In other words, this place is very Instagram worthy and puts up a big fight against other tourist destinations across the globe. 

Lviv is home to hundreds of gorgeous temples as well as some ancient castles. The food scene here is also impeccable, and the town square, in particular, has a plethora of local cafes and bakeries that serve delicious food. Verily, if you like the word ‘vintage,’ you will love Lviv.

4- Setenil De Las Bodegas

Setenil De Las Bodegas
Setenil De Las Bodegas

Who said caves have to be dark and gloomy? Setenil De Las Bodegas in Spain indeed argues otherwise through its existence. This white village is embedded between massive rocks that seem pretty scary at first, but they set the place apart. All the homes built in this area are little caves, but you wouldn’t tell because they look like ordinary buildings. 

So, if you choose to go here, don’t forget to have lunch in one of the many cave restaurants. Most of them offer outdoor seating, which allows you to admire the view while you munch on your order.

5- Eibsee Lake

Eibsee Lake
Eibsee Lake

Germany isn’t known for its lakes, and that’s rather unfortunate. Eibsee Lake is a spellbinding lake in the Southern part of the country, surrounded by tall snowy mountains in the background and greenery. From the long hiking sessions to merely resting on the stones cornering the water, Eibsee is a unique place to visit in Europe. A sunset here is a sight for sore eyes, and if you have a knack for photography, you can capture the best shots of your life. 

Once you reach the lake, there is zero chance that you won’t want to stay longer. The significant part is that you can check into the local hotel and enjoy the view for as long as you like.

Bottom Line

If you’re planning to visit or already scheduled one, make sure to add from this list and satisfy your wanderlust and, at the same time, enjoy the serenity and beauty of these unique and underrated places in Europe.


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