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The annual YouGov polls results are here, and they’re quite intriguing. We see many familiar names competing for the top spot for the most admired men and women. YouGov polls have been surveying Americans since 2014, asking them who and which personality they admire the most. As per conclusive and analytical experts, the top spots are always taken by the former and current Presidents and current or former First Lady. Personalities Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have repeatedly appeared and grabbed the top spot multiple times in their respective categories.

Most admired men in YouGov polls

Barack  Obama
Barack Obama

The 2020 results are here; the poll surveyed 45000 individuals in 42 different countries this time around. After 2014, this is the first time Obama has topped the list, against other prominent political and economic leaders. The second position went to Microsoft’s Bill Gates, the third to Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the twelfth, and President Donald Trump, who ranked at 15.  In the entertainment and sports industry, celebrities also appeared on the list, with Elon Musk gaining the ninth spot. Others named in the list included Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Keanu Reeves, Michael Jordan, and Jackie Chan.

Obama and Trump remain fierce competitors in the poll. However, Obama takes the lead over Trump by taking the top spot in 22 of the 42 polled regions, overtaking Trump in all countries except Russia, where Trump settled at number 11 and Obama at 15.

The results are synonymous with the Gallup poll in which Obama and Trump tied at Number 1 for “America’s most admired man” last year. They both scored 18% in the Gallup poll, which has been carrying surveys since 1948, well ahead of runners-up that included Jimmy Carter, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, each with a 2% score. As per the Gallup poll statistics, 41% of the Democrats favor Obama for the most admired man’s title, whereas 45% of the Republicans tend to go with President Donald Trump.

The poll said  that “Relatively few Democrats choose Trump, and relatively few Republicans pick Obama, while independents’ choices are divided equally between the two men.”

According to Gallup polls, “the current president has been Americans’ choice as the most admired man, having earned the position in 58 of the 72 prior Gallup polls.” 

This year’s result was a break from Obama’s successive reign over the title for 12 years, just overtaking Trump in 2018 for the top spot, with Trump at Number 2.

Most admired women in YouGov polls

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

As for the most admired women, Michelle Obama has repeatedly taken the top spot over the years, along with her husband’s most adored man title. This year, she was accompanied by many socio-political women leaders in the list, including Queen Elizabeth II in 3rd place, German Chancellor Angela Merkel at 12, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at 13, 17-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg at 18, and first lady Melania Trump at 19. As per YouGov, while the men’s list featured men from all backgrounds, i.e., economic, social, political leaders, the list for the world’s most admired women featured many celebrities. Next to Michelle Obama is actor/producer/director Angelina Jolie, followed by American host/author Oprah Winfrey at the fourth number, singer and actor Jennifer Lopez at the fifth, and American singers Beyonce at number eleven.

It is no surprise that Michelle Obama gained the top spot as in the year 2019 was named the most admired woman by the Gallup poll with a 10% score, with the first lady Melaine Trump at Number Two with a 5% score. Similar names like Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and activist Greta Thunberg polled at a 3%.



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